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Pioneering the Quantum Age with Adaptive, Dynamic Cryptography

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About preon

Preon paves the path to a future-proof, digitally secure world with the power of a unique post-quantum signature scheme. Leaning on the latest advancements in general-purpose proving systems, we've crafted a versatile platform, adept at conforming to the increasingly complex demands of the quantum age. Preon does more than safeguard your present - it lays the foundation for a myriad of advanced cryptographic possibilities, enabling unparalleled flexibility and adaptability.

A general proving system is a Fiat-Shamir transformed interactive protocol in which a prover can convince a verifier that the prover knows a secret witness for the truthfulness of a somewhat general statement. When this statement is about knowledge of a secret, we can construct the signature schemes.

Invest in certainty, reap versatility.

Small key size

Compact yet powerful. Preon features a minimal footprint with maximum security.

Fast key generation

Accelerated protection. With preon, security is a click away.

Minimal assumption

Less Guesswork, more assurance with preon. Solid security, clear assumptions.

Flexible functionality

One system, infinite possibilities. Embrace the flexibility of futuristic security.


While resistance to quantum computers is the main drive for the design and development of Preon, the algorithm may achieve significant adoption only if it is also reasonably efficient in our current world, where quantum computers do not really exist. Using the reference implementation on a common desktop computer (Intel® Core® i5-8259U at 2.3 GHz, TurboBoost disabled), Preon achieves the following performance:

Security levelSecret key size
Public key size
Signature size
Keygen time
Signing time
Verifying time


File name
Preon specification
Preon: zk-SNARK based Signature Scheme
Preon_v1  full submission
Browse source code online
Preon_v1 without KAT
Presentations at the NIST PQC Standardization Conferences

Our researchers

Chen-Mou Cheng
Chief Cryptographer at BTQ
Po-Chun Kuo
Shiuan Fu
Researcher at BTQ
Jen-Hsuan Hsiang
Research Engineer at BTQ
Jimmy Hu
Head of Software Engineering at BTQ
Wei-Chih Hong
Head of Hardware Engineering at BTQ
Ming-Shing Chen
Postdoctoral Researcher at Academia Sinica
Feng-Hao Liu
Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University
Justin Thaler
Associate Professor
at Georgetown University
Wei-Bin Lee
CEO at Hon Hai Research Institute
Yu-Shian Chen
Research Fellow at Hon Hai Research Institute


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